Toronto, ON Paralegal Services | Small Claims Court Help
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Vaughan Legal Services

Welcome to Furlano Law Group

Legal Advice / Consultation

Have you been served with court documents and don’t know where to start? Are you in a tenancy lease, contract or employment situation and not sure what your rights or obligations are? Do you need help understanding government documents, summons, tribunal correspondence? For these or any legal advice / consultation, let us work with you so you understand your legal position.


Do you have a renovation gone wrong? Does someone owe you services or money? Are you a landlord with difficult tenants who won’t pay? Are you a tenant with a non-compliant landlord? Are you facing Immigration, Human Rights or Provincial Offence issues? These can be stressful situations where we can help you navigate through the respective process. Reach out to us and find out how we can help.

Commissioner of Affidavits/ Notary Public

A Commissioner of Affidavits can take affidavits and provide other legal oaths and declarations within or outside of Ontario. A Notary Public has the same powers as a commissioner and verifies that signatures, marks and copies of documents are genuine. (definitions taken from Ontario website) If your document(s) require a Commissioner of Affidavits or Notary stamp contact us and we can provide that service to you or your business.

Working Hours

Our business hours are from 9:30AM to 5:00PM EST (Monday to Thursday).

Cups of Coffee

 Contact us and we can discuss your legal issues over a coffee / tea.

Legal Issues

Legal issues are growing in their numbers and complexity. We can help you navigate legal and government processes.

Ontario Tribunals

Landlord / Tenant, Human Rights or Ontario Labour Relations, let us help you with these confusing processes and documents. Put our expertise to work for you.